Skin Transformation with Nikki

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Skin Transformation

My name is Nikki and I am the owner of eNVybeauty. I thought I'd introduce myself and tell you about my background story.

I have been a beauty therapist for 6 and a half years and a salon owner since 2018. I went to the London College of Beauty Therapy and qualified as a Level 3 Beauty Therapist.

I was fortunate enough to have the best lecturers that you can ask for. I took all the information that was given by them like a sponge. During my studies, I realised that this was it.... The big moment, you know when you finally know what you want to be, when you grow up? Finally did it, better late than never right?

I was nominated for a prize in 2015 and was awarded as Student of The Year. I mean it was one of the best days of my life as a professional. It really boosted my confidence and gave me those butterflies, that I still feel every time I learn a new skill.

For the best part, I have learned anatomy of the whole body, which has helped me in my personal life too. I was suffering with anxiety to a point, I felt faint or emotional if I had to speak in front of people. The knowledge that I gained, gave me the confidence and that confidence helped me overcome my anxiety.

I continued with the skin care training, with a well known brand, and I've built on my skincare knowledge and skills. We call it CPD (continued professional development). I reached the highest skincare training within the brand. Enjoyed my journey, but I was hungry for more....

This time, it was different...I was in the process of setting up my own salon and I wanted the skincare brand to mirror, what I believe in. I didn't want to focus on beautifying people anymore. I wanted real results!

I came across a brand, that ticked all the boxes. I wanted my client's skin to be healthy and not masked up, to look beautiful. So my CPD continued and once again, I have gained more knowledge about the skin and ingredients, acids, PH.... This was a game changer for me and for my clients.

Of course, I also provide all other beauty treatments, like nails, waxing, lash and brow tint, lash lift and pedicures. The treatments I offer, with the products I use, are in line with my ethos. Healthy looks gorgeous and that is what I focus on first!

My approach is different in a way...I'm not looking to mask the issues. I provide solutions, to the cause of the problem. My passion is helping you to achieve your best potential when it comes to how you feel in your skin.

I believe knowledge is power, therefore I like to educate my clients and make them part of the decision when it comes to their treatments.

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful.

Love, Nikki ❤

Therapeutic Facial

 45 mins                                          £45

The ultimate relaxation and well being... Receive a cleansing, hydrating and soothing treatment for your skin and the ultimate pampering for your mind and soul. Enjoy a massage of your arms, face and chest using a combination of massage techniques. Using blended Aroma therapy oils to pamper your body and soul. Suitable for all skin types and skin conditions.

Deep Cleansing Facial

60 mins                                               £50

Love a facial with results, but still want the relaxation? This treatment is the best of both Worlds... Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated, steamed to prepare for extractions. This treatment will leave your skin feeling soft, hydrated and your mind and body relaxed. This facial treatment is tailored to your skin type and skin condition. Products are carefully selected, following consultation so it is suitable for all skin types and skin conditions

Thermal Detox Peel

30 mins                              1 Treatment £45                                           5 Treatments £180

4-in-1 Flash Treatment give you instant results! The power of charcoal absorbs excessive oil, pumpkin seeds will brighten your skin, leaving your it hydrated with a matte finish... This 30 minutes facial, really is a miracle treatment for your skin! Great as a one off detox treatment or book a course of 5 for an upcoming event! Consultation will be carried out prior to treatment and thorough after care will be provided post treatment. 

Bio Active Facial Peel

45-60 mins        £70

15% Bio Active Complex. Great as an introduction treatment and for an all

over rejuvenation treatment. Includes a cleansing facial treatment, bio

active complex, super fluids and a cooling alginate mask for hydration. A unique combination of Alpha Hydroxy Acids for ultimate rejuvenation.

Advanced Glycolic Acid Exfoliation

       45-60 mins             £85  

     35% Glycolic Acid Peel. Available for Phase 2 clients. Fantastic treatment for

lines, wrinkles and to exfoliate through each layers of the skin. No down

time due to the safe 3 Phase System. Assists in optimum rejuvenation and

healthy barrier function. The skin is now responding very well to changes.

Includes a cleansing facial treatment, super fluids. Choose alginate mask

to calm and sooth the skin or the 100% marine collagen mask for ultimate

repair, hydration and anti-ageing. 

Nimue Microneedling Treatment    

Course of 6    £450

1st Treatment with roller £140

2nd treatment onward  £90 

Microneedling treatment is a collagen stimulating treatment. Using a 1 mm needle allows to cause controlled trauma to the skin, which will kick start it`s own natural wound heeling process. As your skin repairs itself, it will look plump, firm, hydrated and fresh. It will reduce the signs of ageing, fades fine lines and wrinkles, also great on acne scarring. 

Smart Resurfacing Treatment

60 mins    £90

Designed for ageing and aged skin. The focus is on repairing the damage and

restoring the natural functions. We are removing the damaged, dead skin

cells and stimulating the natural functions of the skin. Choose the soothing

alginate mask or the 100% marine collagen mask. This is an oil based peel and it is time and layer dependent. Perfect for dry and aged skin.

SRC Treatments

60 mins                  £90

Skin Concern targeted treatment. This powerful treatment is great to treat Hyperpigmented Skin, 

Environmentally Damaged Skin or Problematic Skin. 

Specifically selected acids are used to treat the cause of the problems. This Treatment is fantastic as part of

 a course of skin care solutions.