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Beauty Salon and Spa Services

Come in, relax and take advantage of the beauty salon and spa services of eNVybeauty in Northwood, London. With more than 4 years of experience in the industry, we are fully qualified and skilled to transform your look from simple to exceptional. We use Bio Sculpture, CND Shellac, CND Vinylux, Wax One and Nimue products to deliver high-quality treatments.

Read more about our beauty salon and spa services below. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to request a service. We are more than happy to assist you with your needs. 

Items / Price List

Cnd         Price        specification...............................................................................................

Body Treatments 

Cleansing Back Treatment                            30 mins                    £26

Anti Bacterial Back Therapy                         60 mins                    £50 

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage              30 mins                    £25

Pressure Point Head Massage                      15 mins                     £15

Aroma Therapy Massage                             60 mins                     £45

Swedish Full Body Massage                          60 mins                    £40

Full Body Scrub                                              45 mins                    £35

Full Body Scrub and Massage                      90 mins                    £60

Moroccan Tan*                                                                                £20

CND Citrus Spa Manicure

CND Vinylux 7Days Shine File and Varnish           30 mins            £12

CND Vinylux 7Days Shine Manicure                      45 mins            £17

CND Vinylux  7Days Shine De-Lux Manicure        60 mins            £22

CND Shellac 14Days Shine  File&Apply                  45 mins           £25

CND Shellac 14Days Shine Manicure                     60 mins           £30

CND Soak Off Only                                                 15 mins            £5

                                                                                             Bio Sculpture Gel

Full Set Of Overlays                                                 60 mins          £35

Full Set Of Overlays With Removal                         90 mins         £35

Full Set Of Overlays On Feet                                   60 mins         £30

Soak Off Only                                                           30 mins         £10

Full set of Gel Enhancements                                 120 mins         £45

Nail Repair (extensions)                 per nail              10 mins           £3

Nail Repair Programme 

6 Weeks treatment programme to repair and renew your nails. Weekly manicure treatments with a retail product included, to use at home. This is the best way to healthy and beautiful nails. It will help yours nails to grow and allow them to relax and repair. If your nails are damaged, but you are longing to have Shellac, this is the first step towards healthy and strong nails. It will prepare them for any future treatments. Perfect if you have an upcoming event and need your nails looking their absolute best.         £66.95

   CND Gardenia Wood Foot Spa

CND Vinylux 7Days Shine File and Varnish               30 mins      £15

CND Vinylux 7Days Shine Pedicure                           60 mins      £25

CND Vinylux 7Days Shine De-Lux Pedicure              75 mins      £30

Feel like having CND Shellac on your toenails? Just add an extra £10 to the above services.


Treatment  Area                                 Strip Wax                Hot Wax

Upper Lip                                                   £4                           £8

Chin                                              From     £6                           £8

Upper Lip & Chin                                       £10                         £14

Sides of Face                                             £10                         £12

Forehead                                                   £10                         £14

Full Face (Excluding Eyebrows)               £30                        £30

Underarm                                                  £10                         £14

Half Arm                                                    £12

Full Arm                                                     £16

Half Leg, Toes & Knees                            £20

Full Leg & Toes                                         £30

Bikini (Top & Sides)                                  £10                        £14

G-String Bikini                                           £15                        £19

Brazilian                                                    £22                       £26

Hollywood                                                 £30                       £34

Half Leg & Bikini                                       £25                       £29

Half Leg & G-String                                  £30                       £34

Half Leg & Brazilian                                 £36                       £40

Half Leg & Hollywood                              £45                       £49

Full Leg & Bikini                                        £35                       £40

Full Leg & G-String                                   £40                       £44

Full Leg & Brazilian                                  £45                       £49

Full Leg & Hollywood                               £55                       £59

Half Arm & Underarm                             £20                       £24

Full arm & Underarm                               £23                       £27


The Eye Bar

Eyebrow Tidy            2-3 weeks                     £8

Eyebrow Re-shape   4-6weeks plus              £16

Eyebrow Tint*                                                  £8

Eyebrow Tint & Tidy*                                      £14

Eyelash Tint*                                                   £12

Total Lash Lift*                                                £35

Cluster Lash Extensions*                                £30

Eyebrow & Eyelash Tint & Eyebrow Wax*     £20

Individual Lash Extensions by Chloe*            £50

2 to 3 Weeks infill                                           £30

* All Eyelash/Eyebrow tinting and extensions must be patch tested 48hrs prior to treatment! As we love what we do and really care about you, we must patch test you to avoid any reactions! It is for your own safety as well as for your peace of mind. 

Male Grooming 

Eyebrow Wax                                From £7

Forehead & Cheeks                                £12

Inside and Top of Nose                          £10

Ears                                                         £10

Back & Neck Line                                   £30

Chest                                                       £30

Full Leg Wax                                           £40

Full Arm                                                   £25

CND Spa Pedicure                                  £20

CND De-Lux Spa Pedicure                     £25

CND Hand Spa Manicure                       £12

CND De-Lux Hand Spa Manicure          £18

Gift Vouchers are available to purchase at the Salon or over the phone and  are valid for 6 Months. They may be used on services only. Products are excluded. Gift Vouchers cannot be used to pay for courses of treatments or on any special offers. Gift Vouchers are non-refundable but can be transferred over to another client. 

Cancellation Policy

For us to be able to deliver high standard services and to run our appointments on time, we need you to cooperate. Nothing is worse than rushing your appointment or keeping you waiting, so we would need you to turn up on time. We understand, of course, that life can be tricky at times and things can happen. We do need you to ring to let us know if you need to cancel, as well as if you are running late. We do require a full 24hrs cancellation notice, so that we can offer your appointment to someone else. Please note, that if you turn up later than 15mins to your appointment, it might be shortened, you might have to wait to have your treatment done or we need to reschedule your appointment. Some treatments might require a small deposit of £20 which will be deducted from your total bill. This is to secure your appointment. It is refundable, if a full 24hrs cancellation notice period was given. 

Our main priority is your experience at eNVybeauty. We love to make you feel pampered and looked after. We take pride in what we do and if we got it right BRILLIANT, please tell us, we want to know. However if we missed something or it wasn't what you were expecting, we really need to know and would like you to talk to us first! We can only fix things and put them right if you let us. We hope you never need to but if something is bothering you, please get in touch.                  

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