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Re- charge your mind, body and spirit  at envybeauty

The​ Home of Ultimate Relaxation and Transformation

eNVybeauty was opened in 2018 by Nikolett Vegh. 

The vision was to create a relaxing environment for people to recharge, relax and to transform 

their body, mind and spirit. 

In our day- to- day busy lives, we often forget to slow down and to take a better care of ourselves. 

The body carries physical pain, trauma and tension going back as far as childhood. 

The mind has the ability to store memories and often these are words of others that were hurtful, 

limiting and self damaging. 

The spirit is our true self which we often send in to hiding in order to cope with all of the above and more.


The body is a wonderful mechanism that is able to live and function at it`s best even up to a 100 years. 

It is our mind that controls and limits these functions. 

It is our mind that helps to create the pain and limitations that our body carries. 

The beautiful thing is, that our body tells us what it needs.

We believe that self care is not selfish but quiet essential for one to function at an optimum health. 

Our mission is to help people to free up from emotional pain through self care and self love. 

We have created a safe, relaxing and kind environment for you to come and have a "day off".

It is time to be you. 

Just you. 

Without the labels, responsibilities or the stress. 

Enjoy getting to know yourself better.

Whilst we are closed for hands on treatments, we can still offer some remote services.

Online skin consultations are available via our booking system.

Some of our skin care solutions are available for home care.

Our retail shop remains open, so please do not hesitate to get in touch for an order.